Back in Town

Old Friends and New

The party is confronted by Takhat at The Grey Minstrel. He offers them 200pp for the books that Polvo has been hoarding, the ones that they recovered from the scholar’s house outside of town where they met the mephit.

They sell the books on the promise that he will allow them to consult them as needed, what with the majority of them being about The Shrike and the lost city. He also offers them 400pp for Beetle, but the party refuses his offer.

Acid Rein and Snuffles both win at the big races, and Guidrit receives his passport paperwork and a merciful bow from a grateful Taharqa.

Tbidi sacrifices some of his life force to rescue a child, and Mutabu grants him his passport paperwork.

Neferkare creates some alchemical items to gain her passport from Isidorus.

Latifa will be finished with her assignment from Atet soon.

Ineni is found drunk at The Diamond Spider and returns the camel. He is deeply concerned about Bebnum’s will. The party realizes that a buy out won’t save the rest of the slaves, so they decide to attempt to intimidate Hemaka. They infiltrate her home through the sewers, and send Lysandra into her chambers. Lysandra pulls out the azoth and shoots a line of radiant fire into the sky, through the roof. Seeing that she won’t be able to use it properly, she bamfs back to the tavern and the party runs. Hemaka’s guards are hopefully confused by the party of thugs waiting in the sewers (which the party ran by on their way back to the inn).

Scorpions flood out of the waters, a green flame shoots into the sky, there’s a minor earthquake, and the statue of Selket cracks in two…Tbidi deduces that the god has been slain.


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