Beetle Mania

Before approaching the Camel and the Crocodile, the party bathes and then outfits itself in fine garb and jewelry appropriate to this high-class establishment. Neferkare steals a white cloak with gold trim in the shape of a parade of animals for Guidrit. She also picks up a scarlet cloak with a flame pattern made of rubies. Latifa cleans up her magical cloak and amulet, and TBD buys a feathered kilt and a ring with a falcon representation of Horus. Guidrit also picks up some bracelets of silver. They look fabulous.

Lotus, the proprietress of the Camel and the Crocodile, greets them kindly. She points them to Takhat‘s room. Takhat is cranky at being removed from his studies, but tells them that he has learned that:
- The Shrike must return daily to the lost city to recharge in some way
- Beetle has some sort of perpetual power device that doesn’t require charging
- The Shrike will be weak after fighting a god, and is unlikely to strike again right away
- They are not powerful enough to approach a God-killer and might want to consider contacting Pharaoh

He will not part with his books, which no one in town would be able to decipher anyway, but he writes them a summation of his knowledge to be taken to Pharaoh and assures them that this will carry weight as he is a well-known scholar. They also realize that the visions that Beetle can produce of The Shrike will be very convincing.

When they return to Isidorus‘s apothecary, there’s a line out the door of people needing healing from scorpion stings and mob crushings. Tbidi gathers folks and channels, and is quickly mobbed. Isidorus is shaking and looks terrible, but is providing antidotes on a sliding scale as quickly as he can. He mentions that there was a break in but he was too busy to even acknowledge it. Neferkare’s room has been ransacked, and the only sign of Beetle is a couple of his nets hanging from room furnishings.

Guidrit is able to track the burglars/kidnappers, especially since the break in just occurred. They chase the four thugs into an alley, where they kill a sorcerer and bring three other thugs to the courthouse. They hear a few random chants of “SabaTOK! SabaTOK!” The courthouse crowd has dissipated somewhat, but it’s still necessary for Neferkare to use a brewed reek to disperse the remaining crowd. The thugs will not reveal for whom they work, but do give up all their money and goods and get a good beating. The party is able to pick up their passports, and are now free to travel…except that they may be returning to slavery in five days.


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