Bye Felicia

The Maelstrom pulls into a reedy beach to repair the damage to the rigging and deck. As soon as Lysandra touches ground, Magnar, her efreeti master, appears. Neferkare intimidates Lysandra into keeping the azoth in her pocket, so the janni disappears for most of the battle. Magnar is defeated, and Lysandra tosses the azoth to Neferkare like she’s dropping a mic before she disappears again.

Sebi starts barking, and everyone hears the pained growl of a big cat. Arsinoe orders the bard and the artist to help the party rescue the dire smilodon that is captured in an enormous trap. Tbidi heals its wounds and Neferkare sneaks up behind it and lets it go. An illusion of a fire wall sends it into the underbrush instead of at the party. They see a RB brand on its flank as it speeds off and remember the Ramaneb Brother’s Traveling Curiosities that they’ve seen advertised, and which is currently at Nemfu.


jwhitmont jwhitmont

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