Death of a God


The party finds the thugs that were in the sewer behind them beaten on the courthouse steps. From there, they hear screaming at Selket’s death. They rescue a boy who has fallen in the mob rushing away from a group of scorpions that are spilling out of the river. They also rescue Tentamun, who was dying of scorpion poison.

They decide to pursue The Shrike, but don’t know where it is. They resolve to contact Takhat at the Camel and the Crocodile, and Beetle, who is back at Isidorus’s.

Hemaka has put out wanted posters for Lysandra. They convince their janni friend to reduce her size to appear as a child, and Neferkare steals her an appropriate outfit as people crowd the streets and demand protection from Pharaoh.


jwhitmont jwhitmont

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