Free at Last

Figaro, a sorcerer, brewer, and also an ex-slave of Hemaka’s, seeks out the party at the Blue Cup the next morning. He also seeks to find his freedom somehow.

They go to The Bath House and speak with Nebtu, who admits to having Bebnum’s will forged. He suggests that Khafra the scribe is the weak link. She wants a husband, and has been promised Bek.

Guidrit speaks with Taharqa, who will happily put herself on the case to gain his freedom.

Neferkare arranges the marriage of Figaro and Khafra. Latifa is disgusted and leaves to buy her own freedom. The defense of the will goes off without a hitch, between Khafra’s inspired testimony and Taharqa’s swift judgment.

The night of the trial, two nights after his marriage, Figaro falls into the fire and disappears in a gout of flame. Khafra inspects the bones and discovers that they are fake.

The party convenes at the docks, where Arsinoe, captain of the Maelstrom, hires them on as pirate protection on the way to Luxor.


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