Stinking Wizards

Upon returning to The Grey Minstrel, the party finds themselves without a home as Ammon has seen the wanted posters for Lysandra and doesn’t want trouble in his bar. They relocate to the Blue Cup, a similar establishment but with far more lax rules.

They discuss the recent Beetle kidnapping attempt, and realize that Takhat is probably the culprit. They confront him in the morning (after doing a bit of shopping and replacing Beetle’s nets). Tbidi casts a zone of truth and Takhat disappears, reappearing 400 feet away running down the street. Guidrit gets a shot on him, but it’s not enough to slow him down. Tbidi realizes Takhat must be at least a level 7 caster to be able to cast dimension door. The party splits his loot, a pile of books about The Shrike, five scrolls, 400 platinum pieces, and some clothes and jewelry that Neferkare quickly liquidates. They explain the situation to Lotus, still within the zone of truth, and she welcomes them to the wizard’s belongings.

Latifa purchases an African Gray parrot, a self-esteem bird that tells her that she’s pretty. Neferkare starts crafting. Tbidi heals scorpion sting victims, and one of them gives him Boots of Elvenkind. Guidrit visits the bathhouse and pumps Dedelion for information. He finds out that the cult of Sabatok has a new leader named Benemba. She’s planning an expedition into the desert.

When they regroup, they decide that the following day they’ll visit the advocates on the Bebnum’s Will case, as well as Khafra, the scribe who notarized the will.


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