Traveling to Nemfu

The party encounters a storm at sea, and rescue Tbidi and Amaya, who are swept off the ship.

They see the ship that Khafra was on, and it’s now flying a jolly roger and seems to be helmed by the sorcerer pirate that attacked them previously. They don’t seem to be faring well in the storm. Amaya conjures an illusory ship and the pirates muster their rowboats around it for boarding, leaving them stranded as the Maelstrom races by.

At the cataracts, Figaro pretends to be the head priest responsible for river travel and commands the captain of the cataract to apprehend the pirates that have taken Khafra’s ship, which is bought hook, line, and sinker.

Neferkare is carrying the azoth, and makes a convert at the cataract. She tells the new adherent of Sabatok’s that their mission is to defeat The Shrike.

They arrive at Nemfu, which breeds camels, serves boat travelers, and raises food. Guidrit has a life vest made for Sebi. Amaya buys some expensive pine and starts to work on a scabbard. Tbidi lends his services to the nearest healers. Neferkare steals some shit from the local apothecary. Figaro heads to the bar, where he hears tales of the odd animals and people at Ramaneb Brothers’ Traveling Curiosities.

They decide to visit the circus.


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