Meeting People, Making Friends
Including Camels

The party quickly and nonlethally detain the thugs that jump them, but one of them gets away. They find a list of drugs and poisons, with the note, “Say hello to our mutual friend.” The thugs are questioned, but all the party finds out is that they were delivering the note to Isidorus the Leech. They bring the thugs to the judges at the courthouse, and are told that the thugs will be held in a cell until their beatings tomorrow morning. They are offered their pick of the thugs’ loot. Latifa leaves them 5gp each.

After a night at The Diamond Spider, Latifa signs up for a wrestling match that will occur at the bar later that evening.

A child riding a runaway camel bears down on them on their way to the market. Latifa is bit while trying to stop it, and Guidrit convinces her that she will now transform into a camel. Guidrit saves the little girl by catching her as the camel comes to a sudden stop. Taharqa, a judge and camel racer, runs up with many attendants shortly thereafter. Her daughter’s name is Tabiry, and she seems frightened of her mother, who seems to have concern only for Snuffles the camel.

Afterward, Polvo sells his crocodile parts to Isidorus the Leech. Polvo drops hints of belladonna, one of the drugs listed on the note, and Isidorus pretends not to know what he’s talking about. Polvo heads to the library, where he discovers he needs a sponsor to access its tomes (and spells). He is directed to Didia, who will sponsor him if he brings her unharmed fire beetle corpses for an amusing diorama of craps players.

Meanwhile, Latifa visits Hemiunu the tanner for a crocodile head pauldron and crocodile skin bandolier. It will take a few days for the tanner to complete the work. She mentions that if Latifa is bored in the interlude, she can fetch her some centipede shells that she’s using to create joints in armor.

Guidrit and Latifa head to the camel races. Taharqa gives him a job as a stable hand and tells security and Itisen, the stable master, to let him pass.

Clearing the Quarry
Grappling with a Crocodile

In the morning, Mutabu sends Senmaya, a young acolyte, to fetch Tbidi and his friends. She requires that things be returned to order by retrieving Khenut’s corpse so he can be properly mourned. She suggests that it be called a hunting accident, and assures them that Baufra will corroborate their story.

They get a cart, which they fill with vegetables at the Greengrocer, where Tbidi considers chasing a thieving urchin but is dissuaded by Latifa. Meku seems disappointed in Tbidi’s zeal. Polvo notices that Meku is probably hallucinating.

They also visit Tentamun at Tentamun’s Meats. He wants an aurochs, properly field dressed. They notice that he sells Azuti the lizards that she vends.

With a cart full of vegetables, they approach the guards at the main gate of Glorious Repose, meeting a gullible young chap named Munefi. They feed the guards and learn of the leader of the Guardsguild, a woman named Mosi.

During a change of the guards, they quickly exhume Khenut via Polvo’s earth moving skills, and place him in the cart with a sick Polvo (who has been eating sausage inna bun all day). Polvo creates an illusion of more vegetables around the corpse. They make it back to Mutabu, who tells them about passports.

At The Diamond Spider, the party runs into Muthis sobbing into his beer. Apparently the silver quarry has been shut; a crocodile got into the sluice, which broke and flooded the quarry. The crocodile lurks in the murky water.

They promise to help, and next morning they find Meroy, the mine manager, who offers them a hefty reward if they can remove the crocodile and fix the sluice.

Their might and magic overcome the crocodile and the broken sluice, and they are promised a hefty reward for the sluice repair once it has been confirmed by the foreman in the morning. On the way back to The Diamond Spider, they’re jumped by four guys in an alley.

Humble Beginnings
Stopping the Graverobbers

While milling about discussing how escaped slaves could make some cash, the party notices Khenut and Baufra listening in on their conversation. These unsavory gentlemen propose that the party retrieve a minor magical item from a tomb in Glorious Repose, the mausoleum of Djoser who was just laid to rest yesterday.

Declining the offer, they instead report these nefarious activities to Mutabu at The Temple of Horus. She offers them 500gp to take care of the matter.

They enter the necropolis that evening, only to stumble across Khenut and Baufra attempting the deed themselves. In the heat of the battle, Guidrit hits Khenut in the eye with an arrow, instantly killing him.

Realizing that they didn’t have the authority to create any corpses on this mission, they bury Khenut and bring Baufra back to Mutabu. She is stern with them, but promises that Baufra will be re-educated so that he won’t tell anyone, and neither will she. They receive their promised reward.

They stop for a late snack, discovering that the Lizard Onna Stick Stand offers delicious but bony delectables, while the Sausage Inna Bun Stand has a high chance of making one ill.

They sleep somewhat poorly at The Temple of Horus, and decide to find an inn the next day (with some urging from Mutabu. They venture to The Diamond Spider, where Latifa fails to beat the bouncer at Dagger Toss. Guidrit turns out to be a wrecking ball at Dagger Toss and beats not only Hakor, but also crushes a soft-spoken man named Dedelion who says that they should drop his name at The Bath House if they are in need of passports.

Guidrit communes with the animals outside the bar, and notices that there are not many cats. He does befriend a basenji with some lizard onna stick. He names his new friend Sebi.

Latifa visits Atet, the local blacksmith, and begins a casual apprenticeship. Atet wants to work on manacles that are padded with leather to be more comfortable for slaves.


Bebnum, an extremely successful merchant in Kemet, released his slaves upon his death, much to the chagrin of his widow, the shrill Hemaka. These new citizens have one month to determine which profession they would like to list on their passports. In the meantime, they will not be allowed to leave the bounds of the city-state, as they require a passport to travel beyond the upper and lower cataracts.

Hemaka is appealing to the judges at the courthouse to overturn Bebnum’s will.


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