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  • Didia

    The green-haired proprietress of [[A Very Fun Museum of Unnatural History | A Very Fun Museum of Unnatural History]]. Speaks in a high, nasally voice. Wants fire beetles to create a humorous scene of beetles playing dice.

  • The Empty Trousers

    The worst inn in town. Run by [[Sabeth]]. Only the very drunk or destitute stay here. Its shingle is a ragged pair of trousers hanging from a broken broomstick.

  • The Diamond Spider

    Rowdy but reasonable accommodations. The shingle is an enormous diamond spider that was reputedly taken from a djinni by [[Spider]] himself. Dagger throwing contests are common, as well as other games. Dancing and bad music are often the entertainment, …

  • Sabeth

    Sabeth, proprietress and bartender at [[The Empty Trousers]], is a hardened woman with no time for those who dislike their accommodations. She's tall and thin, with deep lines from her constant frown. She wears her short, black hair spiky.

  • The Grey Minstrel

    A nice inn that is reputedly haunted. Run by an ex-military man called [[Ammon]] who enforces strict pacifism under his roof. [[Isidorus]] the leech [[Hemiunu]] the tanner [[Kagemni]] the wigmaker [[Masaharta]] the fortune teller [[Bek]] the really …

  • Hemiunu

    Works at [[The Tannery]]. Reeks of urine. A burly woman with huge biceps. Friends with Latifa. Wants hides of centipedes to make the joints in the arms of a new suit of armor. The party has brought her large centipede hides, but she was unable to work …

  • Nebtu

    Nebtu is an obese man with sparkling eyes. He has a smile for everyone. He runs the local [[ Bakery]]. He hangs out at [[The Diamond Spider | The Diamond Spider]].

  • The Bath House

    Bathe in the central pool for community gossip, or rent a room for more private conversations. Run by [[Dedelion]], the Bath House is the center of a thriving black market where one can purchase just about anything, including love, poison, drugs, …

  • Hemaka

    Hemaka believes she still owns the party and is actively seeking to have the will that released them thrown out of the courts. It will eventually be up to a judge. She is a reasonably attractive older woman with extensive makeup. She seems to be …

  • Tentamun

    Tentamun has enormous sideburns and a sick sense of humor. He runs [[Tentamun's Meats]]. At [[Sebi]]'s insistence, the party found him harvesting dogs to sell to [[Hikam]]. He was caught and turned into the courthouse for a beating. His butcher shop is …

  • Isidorus

    This doctor always has a runny nose and seems perilously skinny. However, his potions and healing powers are renowned for their effectiveness. He's also [[The Apothecary]]. The party found a note from thugs addressed to Isidorus. It contained a list of …

  • Khafra

    [[Khafra]] is a scribe who works at the courthouse, where he notarizes and files documents. as particularly long fingers, which is why he was drafted into the guild of scribes at a young age.

  • Masaharta

    An old woman with a raspy voice. She has an eye patch that she wears over a false eye. The false eye is like a lava lamp. She'll take it out and stare into it to tell the future. According to [[Bek]], she plays cards with him, [[Hemaka]], and [[Kagemni …

  • The Fortune Teller

    The elaborate purple tent where [[Masaharta]] foretells the future. Smells of dust and incense. Everything is covered in thick fabrics with vibrant patterns.

  • Ammon

    A tall, bald man with broad shoulders and a skinny mustache. Saw horrible things in the military skirmishes with local tribes, which he refuses to discuss. An ominous stare from him is all it takes to quiet any disturbances at [[The Grey Minstrel]].

  • Kagemni

    Kagemni makes wigs for the upper echelons and renowned for her discretion. She has long, clawed fingernails filed into combs. According to [[Bek]], she plays cards with him, [[Hemaka]], and [[Masaharta]].

  • Yuya

    She works in a popular, brightly lit bookstore that sells romantic fiction. Has a pet ferret and thin eyebrows. The ferret's name is [[Mesrit]].

  • Spider

    A rogue with long, greasy ringlets (of which he's very proud), Spider Intef runs [[The Diamond Spider]]. He loves to bring up the quest which brought him the Spider, but prefers to have [[Baqet]] tell the elaborate tale.

  • Muthis

    Calloused hands and a thick neck and sunburned. Works a quarry just outside of town (within traveling distance). Muthis loves the party for clearing the quarry of a dangerous crocodile and repairing the sluices so he could get back to work.

  • Hakor

    [[Dagi]]'s identical twin and a bouncer at [[The Diamond Spider]]. They're each inconceivably ugly, with strange droops and asymmetrical features.

  • Baufra

    A cranky gentleman with an underbite who is usually playing dagger toss at [[The Diamond Spider]]. The party apprehended him attempted to rob [[Djoser]]'s grave, and killed his best friend [[Khenut]]. They turned him in to [[The Temple of Horus]] where …

  • Khenut

    [[Khenut]] was a quiet, jaundiced gentleman who plays dagger toss with [[Baufra]] at [[The Diamond Spider]]. He was apprehended and accidentally killed by the party while attempting to rob [[Djoser]]'s mausoleum in [[Glorious Repose]].

  • Bek

    Bek is a ridiculously good looking young man who lounges at [[The Grey Minstrel]] most of his day. The party has deduced that Bek is a prostitute. Their advocate wishes to find proof that he was with [[Hemaka]] before [[Bebnum]]'s death, and that …

  • Meku

    A tiny gentleman who runs the [[Greengrocer]] in [[Kemet]]. The party has noticed that he doesn't seem quite right...probably on some sort of drug. He lets the local brats steal melons from his stand, and was disgusted when Tbidi wanted to chase one …

  • Hikam

    Hikam runs the [[Sausage Inna Bun Stand]]. He has a son named [[Sefu]]. He's a smallish, tan gentleman with crazy white eyebrows that jump around as he speaks, like epileptic albino caterpillars. Now that [[Tentamun]] has been caught selling him …

  • Sefu

    The terminally ill son of [[Hikam]] and a poet who writes love songs to a girl who acts like a boy.

  • Lizard Onna Stick Stand

    [[Azuti]] runs this stand that sells a delicacy new to the hipsters of [[Kemet]]. So far, she's been very successful, at the cost of stealing business from the [[Sausage Inna Bun Stand]].

  • Azuti

    Azuti runs the [[Lizard Onna Stick Stand]] and is becoming very successful. She's thinking of opening a new stand, but her daughter [[Thema]] is too busy chasing boys with sticks to run a stand on her own.

  • Thema

    [[Azuti]]'s daughter, who fancies herself an adventurer-in-training. She longs to fight the magical animals and djinnis found in the desert for fame, renown, and glory.

  • The Camel Races

    A popular form of entertainment in [[Kemet]]. Weekly races pay out according to odds set by the bookie [[Utnas]]. [[Acid Rein]] is the current front runner. He's won four of the last five races. [[Cockroach Perfect]] is the perennial loser, but …

  • Utnas

    A snappily dressed gentleman with chalk on his fingers from rewriting the odds for the camel races every half hour.

  • Glorious Repose

    The land of our ancestors, city of monuments, everhome, graveland, last haven. The area just outside of the city where the dead are lain to rest among their favorite possessions, pets and servants.

  • Bebnum's will

    The document that freed the party from slavery, hotly contested by [[Bebnum]]'s widow, [[Hemaka]]. The will was signed by [[Khafra | Khafra]], who has been beaten for forgery in the past. The party has been summoned to the courthouse for the review …

  • Senmaya

    Tall teen with greasy, long, black hair and acne. He wears a wooden holy symbol of Horus. An acolyte of [[Mutabu]]'s at the temple of [[Horus]].