In Kemet
Bebnum the merchant
Hemaka the widow
Hikam proprietor of the Sausage Inna Bun Stand
Sefu is Hikam’s poet son
Azuti proprietress of the Lizard Onna Stick Stand
Thema is Azuti’s tomboy daughter
Meku the greengrocer
Nebtu the baker
Hemiunu the tanner
Tentamun the butcher
Isidorus the leech
Didia proprietress of A Very Fun Museum of Unnatural History
Ammon proprietor of The Grey Minstrel
Khafra the notary
Masaharta the fortune teller
Kagemni the wigmaker
Yuya the bookseller
Spider Intef the proprietor of The Diamond Spider
Vishina the dancer at The Diamond Spider
Baqet the storyteller at The Diamond Spider
Hakor and Dagi are bouncers at The Diamond Spider
Muthis the quarryman
Sabeth the proprietress of The Empty Trousers
Laslo the bouncer at The Empty Trousers
Bek a layabout who can usually be found at The Grey Minstrel
Utnas the bookie
Atet the blacksmith
Mutabu the priestess at The Temple of Horus
Dedelion a patron at The Diamond Spider
Sebi the basenji
Baufra the thug
Senmaya the acolyte of Horus
Mosi head of the Guardsguild
Munefi a guard
Itisen Guidrit’s old stable master, now on the run for drugging camels
Guidrit’s new, extremely capable stable hand
Taharqa the judge for whom Guidrit works
Takhat A traveling librarian who requested that Polvo search the home of a dead scholar
A mephit who was there, and who the party released alive
Lysandra a jann friend of the mephit, who wants the azoth to defeat her efreet master
The Shrike a terrifying beast of swords, a godkiller from the future, stalking a lost city
Beetle a clockwork automaton that tells the party they’re the saviors of the future
Sabatok an undead pharaoh
Lotus proprietress of the Camel and the Crocodile
Nimlot Hemaka’s advocate

On the Maelstrom
Arsinoe the ship captain

In Nemfu
Ramaneb Brothers’ Traveling Curiosities

In Luxor
Wazner, Pharaoh
Neref, previous Pharaoh, father of Wazner, deceased
Khata, Wazner’s ugly sister and wife
Entef, son of Wazner and Khata, next Pharaoh
Thoeris, Wazner’s mother, long deceased
Axe Dancers, Wazner’s personal guard
Xonsu, Wazner’s formidable military advisor
Nuru, head of internal affairs and tax collection
Turo, head scholar and religious advisor, high priest of Thoth
Labaris, master of camels
Dendera, captain of the Luxor cataract


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