The Diamond Spider

Rowdy but reasonable accommodations. The shingle is an enormous diamond spider that was reputedly taken from a djinni by Spider himself.

Dagger throwing contests are common, as well as other games. Dancing and bad music are often the entertainment, although once a night the entire tavern falls silent as Baqet weaves his tales.

Spider proprietor
Vishina dancer
Hakor bouncer
Dagi bouncer
Lagus the bartender
Nebtu the baker
Baqet the storyteller

Many drinks are offered, but Sphinx Gas is the most expensive and intoxicating. Only snacks, no real food.

Latifa entered a wrestling contest here and won a bronze.

The party initially stayed here, but after Latifa’s amulet was stolen and the staff appeared shifty about it, they moved to The Grey Minstrel.

The Diamond Spider

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