The Pharaoh, who resides in Luxor and was raised to believe he is a god. His father, Neref was Pharaoh previously. When Neref died of old age five years ago, Wazner ascended to rule the land of Ten Cataracts. Wazner is in his mid-thirties and is married to his pug-ugly sister, Khata. They have a ten-year-old son named Entef who is being prepared to rule as a God himself one day.

Wazner’s mother, Thoeris, passed away when he was young. She was reputedly as ugly as his sister. Neref never remarried, but was fond of wiling away his time with a variety of beautiful concubines.

Wazner has a wandering eye that is fabled to be looking into the supernatural. He is perennially guarded by personal guards known as the Axe Dancers.

Wazner’s rule is generally seen as benign, and most people revere him as a God equal to Horus or Ra. His only real concerns are making sure the coffers are filled with tax money, the borders are secure, and that work continues on his enormous tomb right next to his father’s slightly-less-enormous tomb (both pyramids, of course). His cabinet handles the day-to-day business of running the land, particularly his military adviser, a formidable woman named Xonsu, and his internal affairs adviser (basically the head tax collector), a middle-age gentleman named Nuru who was once (reputedly) an extremely successful black marketeer. Wazner’s religious adviser is the head scholar as well, a frail old man named Turo.


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